Airsoft price

3 hour game 25€/per person

Airsoft game price includes all equipment and BB pellets. If you want more tension during the game you can buy airsoft grenades or smoke grenades which smoke for 15 till 90 seconds from one or both sides.

Game starter pack:

3 hour game 25€ per person

Game starter pack includes:

  • 1000 B pellets
  • Airsoft field
  • Airsoft gun (MP5, M5 or Beretta pistols)
  • Camouflage dress, gloves, goggles, face mask
  • Game Instructor

Extra pellets*

1000 pellets 4,00€

You can buy pellets into GUNSnLASERS entertainment park before the game or while playing.

Smoke grenades:

  • EG Burst smoke – 7,50€
  • EG Wirepull smoke – 7,50€
  • EG Friction smoke – 6,00€

*Only GUNSnLASERS pellets and smoke grenades are allowed

In case you have more questions about airsoft price, game or reservation, please let us know! Our phone number +371 27274646 and email

Prices are valid from 27.10.2017.

In case you have any questions, let us know! Our phone number: +371 27 274 646!