STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT – Zakusalas paintball and laser tag park

Paintball in Zakusala is sporty and exciting entertainment for everyone

If you want to be sporty, helthy and still have fun you should visit paintball and laser tag in Riga. If you are person who likes to try something new and modern, especially suitable for entertainment will be laser tag in zakusala.

Paintball Zakusala – game for different tastes.

Paintball is active commands game popular with people of different ages across the world. The players, using compressed air powered weapons and color filled balls, trying to hit opponents. GUNSnLASERS offers paintball game playgrounds with different layouts for example trench, buildings, tunnels and other elements. Did you know that in the world is peintball is used in military training?

Laser tag in Zakusala –modern technology fighting

Laser tag or laser paintball games type differs from the traditional games becouse off innovative equipment which was carefully chosen by GUNSnLASERS specialists. Insted of color balls is used infrared, and they are sent to the laser tag guns.

Whereas this game type does not involve any physical contact between members, laser tag is especially popular for women, and children can play among members as well, even from 4 years of age.

Paintball and Laser tag in Zakusala 5 different areas

We provide a wide range of entertainment options to suit the various tastes:

  • 2 paintball playgrounds – Baron Manor, tyre playground

All areas are applied to different simulations and exciting missions .

A great adventure and time spent

Each round and laser paintball game is unique and therefore it is not possible to predict the result of the game so exciting adventure is guaranteed every play time.

  • A healthy dose of adrenaline;
  • Active exercise;
  • Great time spent and team building

GUNSnLASERS Zakusala also offers comfortable picnic spots in which to relax and eat during or after the game. Finally, a lot of space for free parking.

Why paintball or laser tag in Zakusala could also become your favorite pastime? We will make sure that you leave from us happy and exited!