Lasertag and good entertainment together with GUNSnLASERS



Shooting, hiding from opponents, and the tension lurking around every corner – that’s laser tag or laser paintball in our entertainment parks in Šampeteris, Mežaparks, and Jugla.

Unlike paintball, laser tag is a recreational sport that leaves no traces – you’ll only feel a slight vibration if an opponent hits you. Laser paintball is especially exciting for those who are fans of video games because both the setup and the game simulation are maximally adjusted to create a sense of reality.

Laser tag or laser paintball – a great choice for spending leisure time with friends

  • Play from as young as 4 years old
  • No bruises – you’ll only feel a hit through vibrations
  • No need to buy bullets – shoot as much as you want
  • You don’t have to wait for the game to end if you get hit because laser paintball allows you to respawn at your base
  • Minimized opportunities for dishonest play – the gun deactivates when an opponent hits you
  • After the game, each player receives a personalized diplom with their results

Book a game for yourself and your friends, or colleagues and experience true excitement! Check out laser tag prices here!

How do laser tag events happen with us?

Watch the video and find out how laser tag events are organized at our GUNSnLASERS parks in Jugla, Mežaparks, and Šampēteri! This is a fantastic and thrilling entertainment in Riga suitable for both children and adults.

Laser paintball at GUNSnLASERS parks – excellent entertainment in Riga

Considering that laser tag is a team sport, our instructors will ensure team bonding for your company or organize other exciting events such as birthday parties, name day celebrations, bachelor parties, or leisure with classmates and family.

We will make sure that laser tag captivates you throughout the game and becomes a favorite leisure activity, as well as a place to celebrate birthdays or corporate events!

Relaxing and getting your adrenaline pumping with us is a fantastic choice because:

  • laser paintball is played with the help of experienced game leaders with over three years of event organization experience
  • we offer the latest equipment and the safest gear
  • laser paintball can be enjoyed in three different locations: Šampeteris, Mežaparks, and Jugla
  • you won’t have to worry about parking; we have plenty of free parking spaces
  • laser tag is played with guns equipped with a red dot sight, making it easy to aim
  • our laser tag guns provide precise hits, even at distances of up to 200 meters, regardless of the weather
  • our game leaders create exciting missions with special equipment, such as simulated grenades and bombs that need to be disarmed, electronic control points with timed captures, and more
  • after the game, each participant receives a personalized diplom with their individual results
  • before or after your laser tag adventure, you can unwind in a well-organized picnic area

In Riga, you can enjoy laser tag in three different locations:

  • Jugla – it offers the largest illuminated indoor fields in the Baltic region, covering more than 4200 square meters and featuring a 30-meter long aircraft right in the middle
  • Šampeteris – you can play on 2 illuminated outdoor fields with a combined area of over 0.7 hectares, as well as 2 indoor fields covering more than 1200 square meters, located in the former Zasulauka manufacturing factory
  • Mežaparks – with 5 outdoor fields covering about 3 hectares and illuminated tracks, it is situated in the former PSRS military base with a real underground bunker.

Laser tag at GUNSnLASERS parks

  • A guaranteed successful event
  • Laser paintball can be played during nighttime
  • Convenient locations accessible by public transport or car
  • Free parking in all entertainment parks

Explore the possibilities offered by laser paintball – choose the event that interests you and learn more by contacting us via email at or by calling us at +371 27274646!

A short lasertag video from Indoor field at GUNSnLASERS Jugla Entertainment Park.


Located in territory of the former Zasulauka textile factory
Pārdaugava, Šampētera 1, Riga, LV-1046

  • Many industrial type buildings give the fields an industrial atmosphere.
  • Indoor fields spanning over 1200 square meters, featuring real VW cars within;
  • Outdoor fields covering 0.7 hectares with a two-story church tower;
  • Top paintball outdoor field covering 0.7 hectares;
  • Illuminated fields for daytime and nighttime play;
  • Conveniently situated in Pardaugava;
  • Industrial-style buildings with an atmospheric feel. The site of the former Zasulauka textile factory in Riga.

Located in Juglas textile manufactory building
Jugla, Markalnes 10, Riga, LV-1024

  • 2 different lasertag fields, that take up over 4200m2;
  • In the middle of the village field, 30m long airplane with secret passages;
  • An electric go-kartings track, allowing the combination of shooting activities with kart racing;
  • Buildings with two floors;
  • Juglas textile manufactory building with an industrial atmosphere.

Located in the old USSR military base
Mezaparks, Viestura prospekts 2, Riga, LV-1005

  • One of the fields is a railway platform;
  • 5 different fields;
  • 2 of the fields have lighting;
  • Small inside field in the old USSR bunker;
  • Pine trees, hills and fresh air. Old military buildings. A very interesting park.

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