Lasertag and good entertainment together with GUNSnLASERS

Girl with lasertag gun in lasertag indoor field aiming.

Laser tag at GUNSnLASERS parks

After a long week of stressful work in the office, an exciting game using laser weapons can be a pleasant change. Shooting, creating a strong team strategy and hiding from enemies are key phrases that characterize a popular way of entertainment where excitement lurks behind every corner – laser paintball.
The difference between paintball is that laser tag is a sports based entertainment which leaves no trace – when enemy hits you, all you fell is vibration. The game is particularly exciting for fans of video games, because the layout of facilities and game simulation is adapted in a way that maximizes sense of reality.

Laser tag – great way to spend time with friends and family

The age limit for a laser paintball game is only 4 years, and even the youngest participants can feel safe due to the differences between the guns used in paintball and laser tag. In laser paintball:

  • you only feel a vibration in case of a hit – laser guns doesn’t leave bruises;
  • you can shoot as much as you want – you don’t have to pay for bullets;
  • you cannot cheat – your weapon turns off when you are shot “dead”.

Our instructors will also prepare exciting missions with special equipment for your laser paintball game – simulated grenades and bombs that need to be planted and deactivated, as well as electronic checkpoints with time countdown to make the game more intense. In addition, after a laser tag game, every participant receives a certificate with their personal performance score!

Laser tag at GUNSnLASERS parks – excellent choice for your event

Laser paintball is a team sport – it’s a fun choice for a corporate event, a birthday or a bachelor’s party. Our experienced and responsive instructors will take care that everyone enjoys a fun, safe and memorable game.

Our parks are a great choice to relax and feel the adrenaline:

  • games are conducted by instructors with more than 3 years of experience in conducting laser tag;
  • our equipment is modern and safe – our laser guns have a red dot beam for precision aiming at a range of
  • 200 meters in any weather;
  • our game fields are located in Riga – Andrejsala, Mežaparks and Jugla, which all have large and free of charge parking lots and picnic areas for an outdoor meal before or after the game;
  • laser paintball can be played in any weather and even when it’s dark – our parks have indoor fields.

Come to GUNSnLASERS for an exciting game of laser tag that will make you and your teammates run for your lives! Choose the event you are interested in and find out more in other sections of our website!

A short lasertag video from Indoor field at GUNSnLASERS Jugla Entertainment Park.


Located in territory of the first power station in Riga
Andrejsala, Andrejostas 21, Riga, LV-1045

  • Inside Power station field, that takes up over 920m2;
  • 2 different outside lasertag fields, that take up over 1.1ha;
  • 2 different outside lasertag fields, that take up over 1.1ha;
  • Lighting in all of the fields;
  • Positioned in center of Riga;
  • Many industrial type buildings give the fields an industrial atmosphere.

Located in Juglas textile manufactory building
Jugla, Markalnes 10, Riga, LV-1024

  • 2 different lasertag fields, that take up over 4200m2;
  • In the middle of the village field, 30m long airplane with secret passages;
  • Buildings with two floors;
  • Juglas textile manufactory building with an industrial atmosphere.

Located in the old USSR military base
Mezaparks, Viestura prospekts 2, Riga, LV-1005

  • One of the fields is a railway platform;
  • 5 different fields;
  • 2 of the fields have lighting;
  • Small inside field in the old USSR bunker;
  • Pine trees, hills and fresh air. Old military buildings. A very interesting park.