Paintball at GUNSnLASERS – entertainment for thrill seekers

Adrenaline, tension, excitement and breathtaking speed …

Paintball is not only a great pastime but also a globally recognized team activity that can help bond both newly formed teams and rejuvenate the motivation of long-standing workgroups.

Under the guidance of experienced and responsive instructors, you will experience intense, safe, and memorable games. With us, you can celebrate your own and your friends’ birthdays, name days, and bachelor parties, as well as simply have a blast with colleagues or classmates.

Paintball is a sportive activity that can be played indoors and outdoors

  • It’s an engaging and well-known way to have fun and actively relax.
  • Players are divided in teams
  • The game is safe and not dangerous, as the playing field is set up according to standards, and there is the possibility to adjust the shot intensity.

Each of our paintball entertainment parks is unique and interesting, equipped with various hiding spots to shelter from the enemy’s attacks. Paintball in Riga is available in:

  • Sampeteris – the former Zasulaukis textile factory with 2 outdoor fields and 2 indoor fields. Paintball in Sampeteris can also be played in the dark as the fields are illuminated.
  • Mezaparks – the former USSR military base with a railway platform. There are a total of 5 paintball fields, two of which are illuminated.

Choose a field and register for a game to experience the thrill of paintball and create positive memories! To fully enjoy and immerse yourself in the excitement of paintball, it’s important to be familiar with the rules. Each group of players is briefed on the rules before the game begins to ensure fair and safe competition.

“Safety first!” – that’s our motto and belief, which is why paintball with us is not only enjoyable but also a safe activity that can be played by young people as well.

  • During the game, participants must wear appropriate clothing, shoes, protective gear, and gloves.
  • Points are scored when a player’s paintball hits any part of the opposing team’s player – leg, arm, shoulder, etc.
  • Only if a paintball leaves a colored mark after a hit, a point is counted.

Our instructors have prepared various game variations or missions, with the most popular ones being:

  • team vs. team;
  • capture the flag;
  • tiger hunt;
  • every player for themselves;
  • transporting exploding fuel cans, and more.

We want paintball at GUNSnLASERS parks to become one of your favorite pastimes, which is why we continuously improve our equipment and introduce various innovations. Our parks also offer well-equipped rest rooms or picnic areas with:

  • tables;
  • benches;
  • grills;
  • lighting.

Paintball is sure to be a hit with both young and adult participants. Register for a game and enjoy an active and exciting leisure activity!

Paintball is a fantastic choice for you and your friends for several reasons at our venue:

  • quality and themed playing fields for day and night entertainment are located in Riga, in Sampeteris and Mezaparks
  • games are led by attractive and experienced instructors
  • the field area provides ample free parking
  • the option to adjust the guns to prevent bruising
  • we use only high-quality paintballs and professional equipment
  • we have extensive experience in organizing paintball events, including bachelor parties, birthdays, corporate gatherings, and more.

Elevate your adrenaline levels and gain unforgettable experiences at our GUNSnLASERS parks! We will ensure that your planned event is a success, and the memories of paintball will last a long time.

A small video of Paintball in Andrejsala Paintball Park, outdoor fields.


Located in territory of the former Zasulauka textile factory
Pardaugava, Sampetera 1, Riga, LV-1046

  • Indoor fields spanning over 1200 square meters, featuring real VW cars within;
  • Outdoor fields covering 0.7 hectares with a two-story church tower;
  • Building a paintball outdoor field covering 0.7 hectares;
  • Illuminated fields for daytime and nighttime play;
  • Conveniently situated in Pardaugava;
  • Industrial-style buildings with an atmospheric feel. The site of the former Zasulauka textile factory in Riga.

Located in Juglas textile manufactory building
Jugla, Markalnes 10, Riga, LV-1024

  • 2 different lasertag fields, that take up over 4200m2;
  • In the middle of the village field, 30m long airplane with secret passages;
  • An electric go-kartings track, allowing the combination of shooting activities with kart racing;
  • Buildings with two floors;
  • Juglas textile manufactory building with an industrial atmosphere.

Located in the old USSR military base
Mezaparks, Viestura prospekts 2, Riga, LV-1005

  • One of the fields is a railway platform;
  • 5 different fields;
  • 2 of the fields have lighting;
  • Small inside field in the old USSR bunker;
  • Pine trees, hills and fresh air. Old military buildings. A very interesting park.