New! Paintball with rubber balls indoors

If you’re searching for a fun way to spend your weekend or celebrate a birthday, look no further. Come and play reball – paintball with rubber balls!

What is paintball with rubber balls?

Reball or paintball played with rubber balls is an excellent idea if you just want to have some fun, celebrate a birthday or even organize a team-building event for your colleagues. It is an interesting and exciting activity with shooting that both kids and adults will like equally.

Reball at GUNSnLASERS:

  • everyone who is 10+ years old can play

  • you can play indoors (Šampētera Street 1, Riga)

  • unlimited number of balls for free

  • starter pack includes all you need for the game

  • zero stains – the game is played with rubber balls

  • protective vests for women and children for free (limited number)

  • adjustable shooting power of the gun

If you want to have a birthday party to remember or just have some fun weekend entertainment, come and play reball with us!

The starter pack includes:

  • paintball gun

  • camouflage overalls

  • gloves

  • protective face mask

  • unlimited number of balls

  • instructor

Where to play paintball with rubber balls?

For now, paintball with rubber balls is available at our indoor entertainment park in Riga, Pārdaugava, Šampētera Street 1 (right next to Zasulauks railway station and very close to the shopping mall Spice). 

More on Šampēteris entertainment park:

  • 1,200m2 indoor field;
  • Warm lounges with tables and board games, Latvian game “Novuss”;
  • Coffee, tea, and water for free to our clients;
  • Spacious parking in the territory for free;
  • Authentic atmosphere with industrial elements.

If you want to experience something unique, visit our park in Šampētera Street 1. This is not only a GUNSnLASERS but a Latvia-wide novelty, so be among the first ones to enjoy and experience it!

Reball is the best activity for:

  • Bachelor parties;
  • Bachelorette parties;
  • Birthday celebration;
  • Team-building events with sports team members;
  • Corporate events;
  • Simply having fun with friends and family, etc.

Paintball with rubber balls is a modern way to recreate, spend your free time doing something fun or spend quality time with your colleagues. Anyone who is 10+ years old can play reball, so it is well suitable for birthday celebrations that both elementary and highschool children will enjoy.