Lasertag for youngsters


An exciting class excursion with laser tag

Looking for an interesting and fun class excursion? We’ve got the solution. Come play laser tag with your class and have a great time trying to achieve the best team score!

Register your class excursion at a time that suits you by calling us at +371 27274646 (we also work in the evenings and on weekends).

Class excursion discount offer

Special class excursion offer at all GUNSnLASERS entertainment parks in Riga. Please contact us for pricing details by calling or sending an email.

Our activities are suitable for both elementary and high school students, as well as teachers. Call us, and our customer consultant will help you choose the most suitable option to make your class excursion a success!

Class excursion to laser paintball

Laser tag adds an exciting, engaging, and captivating dimension to the educational part of your class excursion. Start your day with a visit to a museum, and then come have a blast to recharge your energy. This is not just a simple recreational activity.

Why choose GUNSnLASERS entertainment parks for a class trip?

We, the GUNSnLASERS team, always ensure that the class excursion is engaging for both students and teachers. Here are the bonuses we provide:

  • we treat teachers to complimentary hot and delicious coffee;
  • team captains get superhero costumes for a fun and positive experience;
  • we offer well-equipped picnic areas and est rooms where everyone can relax and discuss the results after the game;
  • each player will receive a diploma with individual and team results after the game.

If there will be more than 15 players on the class excursion – more special prices.

Laser paintball teaches:

  • teamwork to achieve victory;
  • reaching set objectives;
  • communication skills with team members;
  • strategic thinking;
  • taking initiative;
  • developing leadership qualities.

A class excursion to laser paintball is a popular activity, which is why it’s hard to go wrong with it. Moreover, laser tag is suitable for children of various ages, starting from 4 years old. It’s equally exciting for elementary school children, middle schoolers, and high school students. Not only students but also teachers and parents often participate in the game – it’s fun for everyone!

To ensure that your class excursion really fun and pleasant memories, choose laser tag or paintball at GUNSnLASERS entertainment parks! If you have any questions about the game, pricing, or anything else, feel free to call us at +371 27274646 or send a message to We’ll be happy to answer your questions and make sure your class excursion is a delightful experience.

Get to know the advantages of each of our parks, choose the one that suits you best and is closest to your school, and see you at GUNSnLASERS fields for an exciting game match!

Moment from class tour in the autumn at GUNSnLASERS Entertainment Park Andrejsala.


Located in territory of the former Zasulauka textile factory
Pardaugava, Sampetera 1, Riga, LV-1046

  • Indoor fields spanning over 1200 square meters, featuring real VW cars within;
  • Outdoor fields covering 0.7 hectares with a two-story church tower;
  • Top paintball outdoor field covering 0.7 hectares;
  • Illuminated fields for daytime and nighttime play;
  • Conveniently situated in Pardaugava;
  • Industrial-style buildings with an atmospheric feel. The site of the former Zasulauka textile factory in Riga.

Located in Juglas textile manufactory building
Jugla, Markalnes 10, Riga, LV-1024

  • 2 different lasertag fields, that take up over 4200m2;
  • In the middle of the village field, 30m long airplane with secret passages;
  • An electric go-kartings track, allowing the combination of shooting activities with kart racing;
  • Buildings with two floors;
  • Juglas textile manufactory building with an industrial atmosphere.

Located in the old USSR military base
Mezaparks, Viestura prospekts 2, Riga, LV-1005

  • One of the fields is a railway platform;
  • 5 different fields;
  • 2 of the fields have lighting;
  • Small inside field in the old USSR bunker;
  • Pine trees, hills and fresh air. Old military buildings. A very interesting park.