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Virtual reality ensures great emotions for both children and adults. Discover the excitement and positive experiences offered by our virtual reality room, VR Room Riga, located at Markalnes Street 10!

VR Room Riga The opening hours

Our VR room’s working hours are varied – we operate both during the day and late evenings, including weekends. Typically, our virtual reality room is available by prior reservation, but if it’s free, we welcome you at any time. However, it’s best to contact us in advance to confirm if we are indeed available. 🙂

Feel free to give us a call at 27274646 (after connecting, press 1 and 1)!


VR Room Riga prices

Looking for an unforgettable experience? Virtual reality will provide it for you, so come and relax or celebrate special occasions in our VR center!

Virtual reality game prices:

  • 1 VR headset, 1 hour, 1 person – 20€
  • 2 VR headsets, 1 hour, 2 people – 40€
  • 3 VR headsets, 1 hour, 3 people – 60€
  • 4 VR headsets, 1 hour, 4 people – 80€
  • If you want to use one VR headset with multiple people, there is an additional fee of 5€ for each extra participant.

Special event offer:

  • 1 hour- up to 15 people - 90€

  • 1,5 hour - up to 15 people - 130€

  • 2 hours - up to 15 people - 170€

  • 3 hours- up to 15 people - 210€

  • 4 virtual reality googles with various games and display screens

  • a separate rest room for your group

  • a dining table for setting up food

  • novuss and table football

  • table games

  • free parking

Our virtual reality room is located in Jugla, at Markalnes Street 10 – GUNSnLASERS Jugla Entertainment Park. On-site, you can also find electric go-karts, laser tag, and party rooms – everything you need for fantastic and exciting leisure for both children and adults.

Available Virtual Reality Games

Our virtual reality in Riga offers these and many more interesting VR games. There’s something for everyone to choose from, as the selection is quite extensive – ranging from sports games and amusement parks to combat simulations! If needed, a virtual reality enthusiast will assist you with both technical questions and game scenarios. Come and experience the excitement that virtual reality has to offer!

Beat Saber

Feel like a master music player, slicing through blocks that represent the rhythm of the music! Enjoy the neon lights and energetic music in a world brought to life by virtual reality glasses! This is a popular game offered by VR rooms around the world. The music blocks come in various colors and directions, so you must slice them in the correct sequence while avoiding obstacles. This way, you’ll keep up with the music rhythm and experience the exciting emotions provided by our VR Room Riga.


Immerse yourself in the heat of battle! Onward is a Mil-Sim tactical VR video game. If you enjoy tactical and strategic virtual reality games, Onward is designed for you! During the game, players take on the roles of soldiers in various combat scenarios. Collaborate with other players, defuse bombs, and coordinate attacks to achieve victory over the enemy. When you put on VR goggles, you’ll be amazed at how excellently every detail of each game is developed.

Creed: Rise to Glory

A VR boxing video game. Put on your virtual reality goggles and become the next Rocky, winning battles in the ring! VR rooms will transform into a boxing arena, and you will become a powerful and agile world-class fighter. Before you take part in the big fights, you have the opportunity to practice in mini-games to improve your skills and endurance. The game’s realistic graphics and sound effects will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding players.

Arizona Sunshine

A first-person zombie shooting video game. Dive into a zombie apocalypse and fight for survival in the hot Arizona desert. This VR game will appeal to thrill-seekers who want to raise their adrenaline levels. Hey, is there a zombie right behind you already?

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad

A VR medieval fantasy video game with a focus on close combat. This game stands out from other virtual reality games because creatures move according to the laws of physics, and they have realistic bodies. Engage your opponents with bows and melee weapons!

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

An escape room VR video game. Strategy and logical thinking. Put on your VR goggles and start looking for clues, unraveling mysteries by solving complex puzzles! Become a detective and uncover even the most intricate events in various locations!

Epic Roller Coasters

Experience the true feeling of American roller coasters, the magic of dinosaurs, and the world of ghosts! High-level graphics and physics-based simulation. Three different game modes are available, making this virtual reality game suitable for children as well.

Carve Snowboarding

Head to the slopes and experience the most realistic snowboarding like never before! Dominate the mountain as the fastest snowboarder or master tricks and showcase your skills in freestyle tournaments. By continuously improving your performance, you can unlock even more stylish and high-quality equipment, as well as music tracks.

Rec Room

The best place to spend your free time. Play paintball, go dancing, or relax in the park with other players! Thanks to this game, virtual reality can become your new social gathering spot with friends. Create an avatar and join the club!

Job Simulator

Will robots take over the world? Well, it has already happened, but thanks to this VR game, you can find out what it’s like to do a human’s job. Enjoy a real work experience, working overtime or laying off employees!

Real VR Fishing

Take your time fishing in stunning locations and enjoy it with friends in multiplayer mode! Enjoy peaceful float fishing or cast your spinning reel and wait for the big catch!

Echo VR

Races in zero gravity conditions. Collaborate and earn points for victory! You can play with your friends or meet new people. These virtual reality games are suitable for those who enjoy fast-paced sports.

SuperHot VR

Put on the virtual reality goggles, take on the role of an agent, solve puzzles, and eliminate enemies, playing like in the Matrix! The time mechanism only works when you move, so plan your strategy in advance! This game will appeal to anyone interested in computer technology.

Gorilla Tag

Put on the virtual reality goggles and climb trees, swing, run, and jump with your friends in the virtual world of gorillas! Progress through various levels, avoiding obstacles and chasing other players! The Gorilla Tag game allows you to customize your character with different accessories and outfits, making it even more exciting.


Play with a cute and small pet by tossing a ball to it! Feed it with virtual treats and much more! Put on your virtual reality goggles and cuddle your little friend at any moment, receiving its smile in return. It will truly be happy when you play and feed it.

Virtual Reality with GUNSnLASERS

A visit to our VR room will undoubtedly be a special and exciting experience for both adults and children. Discover WOW emotions and positive adventures in our VR Room Riga!

We offer:

  • Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality goggles for children and adults
  • The latest and most popular virtual games
  • Multiplayer and single-player game modes
  • VR headset player screens on the walls

Everything you need for a party

Our virtual reality room is the place where you can host:

  • Birthday parties;
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties;
  • Corporate events for both large and small groups;
  • Class field trips.

Our staff will take care of the event organization so you can enjoy the celebration without worries. We are open to various ideas, so when booking an event, please inform us about your plans!

Ikea balts galds, čipsi

Our virtual reality room is a leisure experience worth trying with both friends and family. Come and play at Markalnes Street 10!

Elektrokartingi Juglā GUNSnLASERS Atpūtas zona
Ikea balts galds, čipsi, kūka, šampis

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a 3D image or environment simulation created with the help of computer programs, which allows a person to interact with it in a realistic way. To achieve this, special electronic equipment such as virtual reality headsets, headphones, gloves with sensors, and other IT devices must be used. Virtual reality is widely used not only in the entertainment industry but also in medicine, construction, architecture, interior design, marketing, and various other fields.

The most important components of a VR system are:

  • Head-mounted display (HMD) – creates a 3D visual representation, displaying a separate image for each eye. VR headsets can be standalone or combined with headphones or even a helmet;
  • tracking system – a system that monitors the user’s head movements and adjusts the display accordingly. This creates a sense of presence in the artificially created environment;
  • input devices – allow interaction with the virtual environment, such as hand controllers or gloves;
  • audio system – provides spatial sound representation, allowing the user to hear various sounds coming from different directions.

VR technologies, including virtual reality headsets, have significantly advanced in recent years. Improvements in resolution, displays, interactivity, and other elements provide users with unprecedented experiences.

Virtual reality games captivate many technology and gaming enthusiasts. It’s a world that allows users to step into the shoes of superheroes and enjoy unreal abilities firsthand, such as flying at incredible speeds and heights, scaling walls, swimming at great depths, battling zombies, or winning in sports tournaments. All you need to do is put on your virtual reality headset, and a completely different world will unfold before you. Give it a try!

Virtual Reality in Riga

Virtual reality rooms as entertainment venues are available worldwide. As demand increases, virtual reality in Riga is also becoming increasingly popular, leading to the emergence of new VR spaces that offer everything needed for entertainment, including VR headsets, controllers, audio systems, and more. It’s an excellent place for celebrations and relaxation.

Choose “GUNSnLASERS”, for a memorable party! Call us at 27274646 (press 1 and 1 when prompted)
or fill out the contact form right on our website!
Get in touch and book your event!

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