Paintball for kids

Paintball for kids

Shooting, running, having fun and laughing with your friends, classmates, sisters and brothers. Paintball is a great choice for celebrating with lots of joy and entertainment. Present your children and his friends with unforgettable, active and intense birthday, name day or any other little celebration. This game will sweep away any of its players and time will fly imperceptibly. Join us in adventure! ​

Paintball game

During the event at all times kids will be looked after by our experienced game instructors, who will not only give different missions and tasks, but also teach how to play better, demonstrate strategies and make sure that the event is a success. Often, seeing how enthusiastically their children are playing, parents as well engages in game and all spend a wonderful time together. We will adjust weapon strengths in accordance with the age of the children so that the shot would not be too strong and avoid injury. To participate in the game kids should be at least 10 years old. For younger players we suggest trying none the less exciting laser tag. Making an advance reservation for a table, you can bring your own snacks and drinks, we will provide a place where you can sit and spend time together after and during the game.


Located in territory of the first power station in Riga
Andrejsala, Andrejostas 21, Riga, LV-1045

  • Inside Power station field, that takes up over 920m2;
  • 2 different outside lasertag fields, that take up over 1.1ha;
  • 2 different outside lasertag fields, that take up over 1.1ha;
  • Lighting in all of the fields;
  • Positioned in center of Riga;
  • Many industrial type buildings give the fields an industrial atmosphere.

Located in Juglas textile manufactory building
Jugla, Markalnes 10, Riga, LV-1024

  • 2 different lasertag fields, that take up over 4200m2;
  • In the middle of the village field, 30m long airplane with secret passages;
  • Buildings with two floors;
  • Juglas textile manufactory building with an industrial atmosphere.

Located in the old USSR military base
Mezaparks, Viestura prospekts 2, Riga, LV-1005

  • One of the fields is a railway platform;
  • 5 different fields;
  • 2 of the fields have lighting;
  • Small inside field in the old USSR bunker;
  • Pine trees, hills and fresh air. Old military buildings. A very interesting park.
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