Getting to Andrejsala Paintball and Lasertag Park

With Waze application

The easiest way to find us is to write in “Waze” application – Andrejsalas Peintbola Parks. The waze will get you there.

By car

Ride to address Andrejostas 8. You must go directly to the Museum of energy entrance. From there you can see our paintball park and then it will be clear to arrival.

With public transport

You can get here by takeing 5., 6. or 7. tram. Go out in stop “Ausekla iela” and go on exactly as written in the next section “Getting to us from Elizabeth Street.”

Getting to us form Elizabete street

– Go straight across the train level crossing and go to the store Spirits and Wine direction.
– Go past the Spirits and Wine shop to the second train level crossing.
– Crossing the second train level crossing, go 300 meters ahead, where the left side of the fence you will see 1x1m large white sign “Museum of Energy on the left.”
– Turn left and go to the Museum of Energy  – there will also have to address Andrejostas Street 8th
– From here, already you are able to see paintball fields. If, however, difficulties in finding the entrance, feel free to call us, we will be happy to help!

Getting to Mezaparks Paintball Park

Paintball Park is located in Riga, Mezaparks, Viestura prospectus 2 just a few kilometers from the capital city center. As you approach the park from the Center / Mežaparks side after incision to Viesturs Prospectus you must travel 1.5km straight and immediately after the concrete fence and turn right to enter the demarcated zone. Then turn right and take the straight 300m and will be present for the paintball park.

With public transport

We can be reached by various public transports: 300 meters from us is bus stop (the name – “Viestura prospekts 97” / “Kopmitnes”) where stops 2, 11, 19, 24 and 24a bus. A little further is 5 tram stop (Tvaika iela). Located in the middle between two train stops – Sarkandaugava and Mangaļi of which way to us on foot is deployed about 15 minutes, so it is better recommended to choose better bus or tram.

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