Paintball in birthday

Paintball Birthday Parties

You have long wanted an exciting and thrilling birthday party. Paintball game will surprise both you yourself and your friends. Intense emotions, excitement, adrenaline, ferocious speed and surprises from our instructors… It will also be a great way to find out whether any of your friends are brave enough to fire shots at birthday boys or girls direction. Come and see for yourself that we held the best parties in Riga.

Event options

During the game, instructors will provide you with various missions and tasks, as well as make sure that no one loses alertness and excitement of winning. At our paintball park you can play at any time – courts are both indoors and outdoors, and they are specially designed for extremely thrilling match. Every celebration includes properly applied table, so with just a table reservation, you can take your own snacks and drinks, and after the game sit and relax with family and friends. See you at the fields!

A small video of Paintball in Andrejsala Paintball Park, outdoor fields.