Paintball with friends


Paintball game with friends

Adrenaline, possitive tension, ruthless speed and just a split second that separates victory from a loss. Paintball is a game where teamwork is everything. Collaborate with your teammates and make sure that every second works for the benefit of your team. If you think that every second is an outstanding paintball player, then come and make sure that it is not that easy after all. Therefore call your friends, book a game and we are waiting for you at the fields.

Paintball game

During the game instructors will give you various missions and tasks, as well as make sure that no one loses alertness and excitement of winning. At our paintball park you can play at any time – courts are both indoors and outdoors, and they are specially designed for extremely thrilling match. It does not end with the game, you can also reserve a table where you can rest and indulge in collective negotiations after the paintball match. See you at the fields!