Corporate paintball events

Corporate events

Unity is strength! To be a good player individually is simple, the difficulty starts when you have to become a team. Does your team have what it takes? Paintball is not only an excellent entertainment for the whole team, but also an effective team building event. Excitement, tension, adrenaline, cunning and ferocious speed… Book a game and find out what your team is capable of!

Paintball game with colleagues

Event can be arranged for a large number of participants, all players will be captivated and time will fly imperceptibly. Missions and tasks will not only raise fighting spirit, but also an unprecedented collaboration between colleagues. At our paintball park you can play at any time – courts are both indoors and outdoors, and they are specially designed for extremely thrilling match. We also offer to reserve a table where you can sit and relax, pick up strength and discuss strategy, both during the game and after.

If you want to organize a corporate event – call + 371 283 76 362 Ernest. He will inform you about the process of event, and communication will take place more quickly and more efficiently.

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